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Friday, 18 January 2013


Leanne and Katie were here for a few days this week. It was great to see them and have some time together. Katie and her husband Matt own and operate a coffee company called Do a google search and see what they have to offer. Matt is a coffee connoisseur and their coffee is fabulous. They have a unique business approach and if you live in the Burlington, Oakville area check them out at the local farmers' markets.

 Here we are having a delicious breakfast of  egg omelet, back bacon and toast while enjoying the morning sun coming through our windows. Oh yes, the ladies had a delicious espresso coffee made on Leanne's machine.

Place the hot water in the plastic bowl on top.

See the black handle? That's where the coffee goes. Leanne uses Katie's fine grind and it makes the best cup of coffee by lifting the handles on the side and squeezing the hot water down through the coffee grinds.

No muss no fuss, one delicious cup of coffee. Are you ready for yours?

Next week Sherri and Owen are coming up for a few days. We are excited. Mary has been getting out the baby toys and preparing Owen's room so everything is perfect. 

Then Carol and Don are coming to look after me and take me to the Bellville Hospital for my walking cast while Mary returns to Toronto to be with Sherri during her surgery.

It is a busy time for us and we really appreciate all the help and support family and friends have shown. You guys are awesome.

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels Annie and Marvin.

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