This blog is about our travels in our solar powered "Airstream" and living off grid, in our passive solar home, near Bancroft, Ontario, Canada.

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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Toby's Missing

Yesterday the forecast called for rain so it was a good day, for a good book and doing indoor jobs that had been neglected far too long. First order of the day was fresh muffins. This is why I love our little oven, muffins, cookies, pizza. Is this really camping? Sorry, no pictures, fresh muffins don't last long.

Next is was the UPS delivery. Can you believe it, delivery right to your door here in this RV park.
Since the rain had stopped for a while, Marvin & I decided it was time to change the oil in our generators. Not a big job, just one I had been neglecting for some time and needed to get done before we get back on the road. Once done and everything put away it was up on the roof to remove the TV antenna post. If you look closely at the picture, see the pipe sticking up above the roof, its gone.

Since it was warm and dry for the moment Mary decided to work outside on her quilt, Marvin & I decided to fix my back-up camera. This is a great little device I got at Canadian Tire and it saves much frustration when trying to line up the hitch and coupler on the trailer. Unfortunately mine stopped working and when you are on the road you really need one. Taking it apart it was soon obvious that a wire had broken where it was welded to a bracket. A simple repair, thanks to Marvin who had a soldering iron that quickly made the repair.

By now it was getting close to "Happy Hour" and we went inside to cut up pineapple and join Marvin & Annie on their patio. Marvin decided to move the truck as it had started to rain again and he wanted it under the shelter. Annie went inside to get the drinks and that's when it happened. A clap of thunder and Toby needed assurance all was OK. No adults around so off he went, trying to find someone he knew and could feel secure with as the storm raged.
Now Toby and Nikki are two of the cutest dogs anyone could have. They are so adorable that even Mary who has always feared dogs loves them. When Toby disappeared we all went into search mode. Annie jumped on her bike and in the pouring rain went down to the lake to check that area. Marvin searched under trailers, any place Toby could be hiding. I drove slowly up and down the roads looking through the wall of water hoping above that knot of fear that was growing, that Toby would suddenly appear through the rain. Up and down, up and down, still no Toby. Mary was looking after Nikki back at camp hoping Toby would get re-oriented and return to camp. Up & down, up and down and I knew this would go throughout the night until Toby was found. I saw Annie coming up from the lake and rolled down the window. We shouted over the roar of the rain. She was heading back to camp to get the truck and expand the circle of search to the area outside the park. Then she saw him, Toby coming down the road as fast as his little legs would travel, heading straight for his trailer. Time to celebrate, time to give thanks that Toby, one we all have grown to love, returned, wet, afraid but happy to be safe at home. Isn't that just like us; in times when we face storms in our lives, how much more manageable those storms are when we face them in the safety of a home surrounded by family and friends. Give your loved ones and extra hug today and tell them how much you value them and love them.
Have a great day

Sunday, 28 November 2010


We pulled  into the Texas Airstream Harbor Park at 5 pm Friday and who should we meet at the gate; our friends Marvin & Annie, just leaving for supper. They turned their truck around and showed us where to park so we could join them and Denis & Mary for supper. What a great welcome treat!
Saturday morning Fred came by on his golf cart (everyone here drives a golf cart) and invited us over to Morgan & Barb's for coffee. This gave us a chance to meet more friendly folks in the park. Enjoy the pictures and send us an e-mail. Always great to hear from you.

Morgan, Marvin, Annie and Mary enjoy a laugh at coffee time. (Morgan is shielding his head so I can get a picture without too much sun reflection)

We will stay here for a week then leave for a country music concert next Saturday. Our wifi signal is good here so I will write as often as I can. Once on the road I can never be sure of getting a signal.

Natchez Trace Parkway

If you are driving south from Ontario, through Tennessee, be sure to take the Natchez Trace Pkwy. It is managed by the NPS (National Park Service) and is 444 miles long running from Nashville, Tennessee to Natchez, Mississippi. First used as a path by the Indians, then by trappers and hunters and later by settlers, the Trace was the main north south route for thousands of years. Today you can explore its history, walk and drive the original path and camp for free along its route. Enjoy a few pictures taken as we explored this historic route for two days.

Below are pictures of the old Trace deeply worn by the men, women and animals
who followed this route over thousands of years.

Tomorrow we reach Texas and join Marvin & Annie from Peterborough.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Lights of Nashville

As promised in my last blog, I will share a few pictures from the light displays in Nashville. The first set of pictures are from the Opry Hotel's display. Much of Nashville was under water last summer and this hotel just re-opened two weeks ago. Some businesses are still closed and trying to get back on their feet.

Earl, notice the beer bottles are on the next table, not ours. We woke Wednesday morning with more rain in the forecast so decided to continue south and experience the Natchez Trace Pkwy. (that's next)

Heading South

Had a great weekend with Sharon & Doug but Monday morning we needed to leave and stay ahead of the cold weather. We crossed into the USA at Sarnia, no problems, and were soon flying down I-75 in the cold and rain.
Monday was a day of driving trying to get as far south as we could before dark came. Our first night found us sleeping with the "Big Boys" right behind a rest area in Ohio.

Tuesday morning, and again it was cool and wet. Another long day as our destination was Nashville, Tennessee. By 4 we were pulling into the Two Rivers campground and paying for our first night on the road. This was necessary as we needed to flush our tanks and lines, getting rid of the RV antifreeze we had installed back in chilly Ontario.

Notice, that they still have some leaves on the trees. Tuesday night we headed out to see the lights and entertainment of Nashville and I will update that news later today.
Thanks for keeping in touch.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

A Tight Fit

Today Sean & Scot came to collect the bobcat. As you can see, Sean just managed to squeeze it into the trailer.
Nice driving Sean. ......... Please bring my baby back in one piece.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Yesterday was beautiful, warm, clear, a great day to do some more burning; but first.......... how about a tour of our home for the week........

Our first stop yesterday was Haliburton where we found a number of Canadian memorabilia on site.
By 11 we were on our road, getting ready to transplant trees and burn brush we had cut earlier in the summer.
Tomorrow we have more meetings and Sunday we will be driving south. Be sure to check us out next week as we move closer to Texas.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Finally, it's Done!

Up  and on the road by 6 this morning.  One final load to retrieve from Winston's garage, then everything would be in storage. I love the early ,morning, the quiet, the sun growing across the countryside as each minute passes. The day awaking in all its glory and that's the way this morning was, glorious!
November the 15th and we reached a high of 13*C. By 12 p.m. I was north of highway 7 speeding up 28 ahead of clouds that threatened rain. Just 30 minutes from my destination and tiny droplets appeared on the truck's window. No tarp, everything was exposed......... should I stop or just push on? .......... I kept the tires rolling, hoping to beat the storm that threatened.
Now we are ready to travel. The last load is in storage. Just a few more meetings before we leave. A very BIG thank you to all our friends and family who have stepped up to help as we progressed through this transition and helped launch us onto a new stage in life. Thank you. We appreciate all you did to make this happen so smoothly.