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Wednesday 9 January 2013


We are making small changes in the way we live, trying to be comfortable but also sensitive to the fact we live on battery power. 

Food storage is one area we are experimenting with. Fresh fruit and vegetables require refrigeration. They also require you to wash them, peel them, cut them. That requires energy from us or from our batteries. Freeze dried fruit and vegetables don't.

So we bought a sample pack from Thrive Foods to see for ourselves if we liked the fruit and vegetables they prepare. The reviews we read were all very positive but when one's taste buds are in play one's likes are someone else's dislikes.

The cans have a shelve life of 25 years, unopened.  Once opened the product needs to be consumed within a year. We tried the vegetables in a soup and also in a stew. It certainly saves work when all you need to do is take off the lid and scoop out what you want to add.

The fruit samples sit ready for use. We had some in our smoothy and also with a vanilla pudding, both were delicious. Even eaten as a snack right out of the can the fruit is sweet, tasty and much better for you than many snacks we eat.

Peas and corn after sitting in water for a while.

Raspberries, ready to eat right out of the can. Delicious!

All of the food we used had good flavour and texture when eaten. Freeze dried, they do not lose their nutrients, colour or taste.

Mary's only complaint was about the potatoes. She felt they were cut too small to be suitable in the stew.

We ordered these from Costco on line. Not sure if you can get them in store.

My only regret is we didn't have them when we went south the last two years. They would have been perfect as a camping food; light, no refrigeration and delicious.

If you have grandchildren be sure to read Carol's blog today.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy Texas, Marvin and Annie.


  1. Wow those are really big containers! They look great though. Enjoy.

  2. Looking forward to seeing these containers.. enjoy Shelving looks great too.