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Saturday 19 January 2013


When Sherri was a baby it was very easy to take her camping. She didn't crawl when we first visited Algonquin Park so a collapsible bed with a screen top was all we needed for her comfort. 

I'm not sure if that first camping trip at 6 months was registered by her very young brain but as soon as she discovered she was pregnant with Owen she bought a baby's camping tent.

So last week when Leanne was here the tent was unwrapped and assembled.

In true Kelly fashion no one read the instructions, just laid the parts on the floor and started putting this inside that.

When you've camped as much as Mary has, putting tents up is very simple. They all seem to have the same basic technique.

Slide the fibreglass rod through the sleeve and hook the end into the strap at the bottom. That's pretty easy.

The rods become the tent skeleton, giving it shape and holding it in place.

So here is Owen's tent, ready for sleep or play it doesn't matter.  We are so looking forward to having Owen up here next week. 

Thanks for stopping by and good to hear from you Connie and Mike.

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