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Tuesday 29 January 2013


Yesterday was one of those days we had to endure and we are glad it's over. Sherri was in surgery for 81/2 hours and we were so relieved when the doctor called to say she was in recovery. Rob visited her and she was alert and talking asking about Owen, all good sign.

Today we expect to learn when she is coming home and then put a plan together to assist Sherri and Rob as needed.

As for me, my day started at 7:30 with Carol and Don taking me down to Bellville.

It wasn't the best of days with snow, blowing snow and freezing rain.

Driving through Madoc. Carol discovered an excellent bakery on our return trip. YUMMY!

Imagine travelling like this in this weather.  Not sure if I would have made it to Bellville in time.

First order of business was to remove the old cast and see how things were progressing.

The doctor was pleased and ordered a plastic air cast which made me happy. Now I can take it off before having a shower. Much more convenient. (No comments on the pink pouch please. I had enough from the nurses.)

In 45 minutes we were done and back on the road heading home. Don took it easy and we had no problems, even saw 3 deer as we headed north on 62.

OK, time to learn how to use the crutches. It's good to be home and a little more mobile. I have a walking cast but I wouldn't call it walking what I do just yet. Hopefully in two weeks the ankle will be stronger and I can get by with just a cane.

Thanks again for keeping an eye on us and for all your e-mails of encouragement.

I'll post updates on Sherri as I hear from Mary.

Safe travels

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