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Monday 28 January 2013


We are blessed with good friends and a wonderful family................. no .............. the best family. Most of you know we are going through a bit of a stressful time. Sherri goes in for brain surgery today and I have to be in Bellville for fitting of a walking cast.

Sherri is in the best of hands, top world renowned surgeon who does this type of surgery on a daily bases. 

Mary is with Sherri in Toronto to be available to help out with Owen as needed. Carol and Don are here to get me to Bellville for my new cast this morning.

But they do so much more than simply wait to drive me to Bellville. They feed and look after our chickens, they go to town for groceries, they fix delicious meals and make sure that I'm clean and ready for transportation. They bring in firewood and take out the ashes; all with a smile and never a complaint.

Then when I looked outside this afternoon I couldn't believe what I saw................................ Don up the ladder patching the hole in the gable end so the squirrels can't get in.

Now before anyone panics, nobody fell. Don is a very safe, conscientious guy. 

He secured the ladder and tied off the base. This ladder was firm and going nowhere unless Don untied the ropes. Now why didn't I do that???????????????

Carol was there to help and hand Don the tools he needed.

Before too long the patch was on and the job done. 

Thanks Don and Carol, you are so deeply appreciated. You go way beyond the expected and spoil us with your love. You smooth out the bumps when they appear in the road.

Later today I'll let you know how Sherri's operation went. Thanks for the many notes of encouragement and prayers of support. 


Mary called to say Sherri's operation is in two stages. The  doctors have just completed the first stage and were pleased with how everything went. They should be finished about five.

Mary says thanks for all the kind notes you have sent and she really appreciates the support of family and friends.

I just got back from Bellville Hospital thanks to Carol and Don. I now have an air-cast which means I can take it off when I shower and sleep. Don did an excellent job of driving as the weather wasn't the best. It is snowing here now.

I'll post again as soon as I have more news about Sherri.


  1. just said a quick prayer and I'll be thinking of you all today! Can you send an up date when you know how it went? lots of love, every day, but esp. today!

  2. YES Art you and Mary are blessed with a wonderfully supportive family. BUT remember you folks are made of the same gentle kindness.
    We also are thinking of you all today. We look forward to a report on Sherrie's progress. We also worry about you travelling in today's weather. Be ever so careful. If it is too dangerous you could probably postpone your appointment. Our daughter Lisa is down country today in Fergus and we are hopeful that she makes the drive home carefully. Be well and know that we are thinking and praying for all your family.

  3. Hi Folks: So sorry about your accident and will pray for you and your daughter's surgery! Yes, family is wonderful! We have a close one too. Your office chair was a brilliant idea! Getting a snowstorm here, so good thing you are not coming down today. Looking forward to getting together, when you recover! Bye for now.