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Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Waiting for news from the hospital is excruciation slow and since I can't go outside and we don't have TV I need to occupy my time in a meaningful way.  Lets see .............  what can we plan today?

Ok, Carol and Don love Switzerland and have so many wonderful memories of family trips there it has almost become a second home for them. But Carol you need to discover the beauty in your own backyard.

So I've been slowly planting the idea that a trip west together would reveal beauty and nature that would rival anything they might see in Europe. Nothing against Europe but don't neglect your home country.

Sitting here with a broken ankle we have lots of time to think, scheme and debate how best to do this and when.

One major hurdle to overcome and we may need help on this is sleeping. Carol says tent I say trailer. Lets modify the trailer so all 4 can sleep inside where it's warm and dry. Carol says she wants the outdoor experience and is quite happy with a tent.

Carol, tents are small and crowded but lets get it out and take a look. Erecting the tent in our livingroom. was no problem. It might be a different story when we camp in Denali Park and the wind is blowing and the rain is falling. I promised Carol I would hold the flashlight, from a distance.

Now that the tent is up and Carol has looked inside she is still game to go with the tent. She is spunky and if she can find a comfortable mattress I'm sure they will be just fine. In a pinch or a forecast of nasty weather I think Don and Carol will move inside and avoid the worst the elements can throw at us.

We have lots of time to reflect on this as our departure date isn't until 2014. We like to plan and look at all the possibilities and if you have any suggestions we are all ears.

Meanwhile, Carol and Don are sleeping in the tent tonight just to see if they really can do it. (Just kidding, but a dress rehearsal is schedule before we leave for the Yukon)

OK, time for you to send your suggestions.

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1 comment:

  1. Sounds good ... now how will we look motoring down the road with a queen size mattress strapped to the truck?? Where do I plug in my hairdryer?? So much fun planning. As Don often asks ----- where did we go today. He never gets too involved till the suitcases come out.
    Fun to dream.