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Sunday 6 January 2013


Yesterday morning the sky was so beautiful I had to get a picture.

You can just see the early morning rays in the eastern sky.

Wasn't sure what we would do yesterday but it turned out to be another productive day. With Mary's help I got the handles installed in the laundry room while ........................

.......... Don worked his magic on finishing up the mudding in the hall and front entrance. Our place is looking so much better thanks to Don. While that was happening Carol was making lunch, delicious egg sandwiches and a healthy smoothy. We also worked on her blog which you can access by clicking on her blog link in the top right side of my blog. check- (Blogs We Follow)

After lunch Carol and Mary decided to head down to the lake but first discovered we had a major water leak into our guest bedroom. Looks like another job Peter will have to tackle.

Down at the lake Mary had her bucket of fishing gear but couldn't find the elusive fish under the ice. Don't worry maybe next week. 

Carol and Mary made delicious soup and home-made scones for supper ................... so good!

Thanks for stopping by and drive safely.

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