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Thursday 3 January 2013


Mary's chickens are still producing 4-6 eggs a day even though their coop isn't heated. We were concerned that production would drop off to nothing with our shorter days and colder temperatures. Not the case.

This is the coop as seen from the house. We wrapped it in plastic to eliminate the drafts but it also gives the chickens a nice warm run to enjoy on those sunny winter days. We call it the Florida room.

Twice a day Mary takes food and water down for the "girls".

Here they are enjoying the greens in their warm Florida room on their bed of straw.

Their water container is heated and we were delighted to discover how little electricity it draws from our batteries. We leave it plugged in 24/7 and when the temperature in the Florida room is above freezing it turns the heating element off automatically.

Covered in snow but still cozy in their coop. It's -18*C this morning and our wood stove is keeping us warm.

Carol and Don are here for a few days so not sure how frequently I'll be posting.

Enjoy the day and thanks for stopping by.

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