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Wednesday 30 January 2013


Just a quick note. Sherri now has a feeding tube as a way to get nourishment into her as she is unable to swallow.

I know some of you would like to visit her in the hospital but she isn't ready for company. She is extremely weak from lack of food and she sleeps a lot because of the drugs.

If you have any questions send them my way and I will try and answer asap.  Leanne  is looking after co-ordinating support for Sherri so if you have questions in that area send them to Leanne. This way Mary can save her energy for looking after our favourite little guy under three feet.

Thanks for understanding. Your prayers and well wishes are greatly appreciated.

Chat tomorrow.


  1. Glad that progress is being made in Sherri's recovery. Such a lengthy surgery implies also long recovery time. We'll hope that all continues to go well. Will be thinking of her and you.

  2. Our thoughts and prayers continue Art and Mary. It certainly sounds like you have a wise plan in order. I am sure that Sherri will be just fine. Healing takes time but our bodies are wonderful and before you know it you will see such evidence. Art you continue to behave and look after things. Mary needs you back on your feet !!! All the best to your entire family. What a team 1

  3. Thanks Pat band Alberta;

    Good to hear from you both. Your advice and encouragement are greatly appreciated.

    I'll continue to update as I get new information.