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Wednesday 16 January 2013


When you have 30 lbs of plaster attached to your left ankle you're not very mobile. But there are certain situations I do need to leave my bed. Fortunately our home is all on one floor. 

Our first attempt at getting me to the bathroom was a disaster. Mary can't support my weight and my good ankle is bruised and tender so not much weight on it.

What to do?

We have come up with a solution and a routine using Mary's office chair.

The feet are wide and stable. It will take my weight and Mary can push me around the house no problem.

I'm now able to slide off the bed onto the chair without Mary's assistance, She makes sure the chair is secure before I slide onto it. 

When she brings me back to the bed I swing my good leg up onto the mattress and then roll off the chair onto my stomach. Very easy and without putting any stress on Mary's back.

On the 28th I'm off to Bellville to get my walking cast and then I can get around as I please.

Thanks again for all your notes and calls. So good to hear from you.

Be safe and watch out for moving ladders. Chat again tomorow.


  1. Good morning Art and Mary... So glad you have found a way to get around without having to strain Mary's back and hurting your other ankle. Amazing what the mind can come up with... thank heaven for all one level. Get well soon. We move to Bandera for a couple of days.

  2. Very innovative way to get around! It is miserable when stuck in bed like that. Hope that you are able to read and watch movies!

  3. Hi Alberta;

    I'm getting more independent each day. I was the first one up today (Thursday) and got myself out to the great room alone. Reading is no problem and family and friends have been bring books for me to enjoy.

    Thanks for keeping an eye on us