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Monday, 21 January 2013


Looks like most of North America is under a large blanket of Arctic air. 

 The pictures here were taken out our patio door yesterday. We started off at a balmy +2*C and finished the day -16*C The day started cloudy with snow-showers and finished cold and clear. (-27*C or -17*F at 6:30 this morning)

We are warm and comfortable inside with just our wood stove keeping us warm. We cook with propane and heat with wood and expect to get through the winter on less than 6 cords of wood.

We cut the wood off our property and most of it is poplar which burns quickly. The wood we are burning this year was cut two years ago but wasn't stored properly. We need to build some type of adequate structure to protect our firewood once it is dry. I think that will be the #1 summer project and several readers have shared great ideas for storage design.

Peter comes today so we should get the trim and baseboards installed in the great room. Another step closer to the finish.

Thanks for stopping by. Time to toss another log on the fire.


  1. Glad you are well supplied with firewood! How many years will your woodlot provide? What will you do when the trees are all gone? I suppose that propane would be another option or importing wood. It is hard to be entirely self-supporting when the natural resources run out!

  2. Hi Alberta;

    Good to hear from you. I believe a 10 acre woodlot will keep you in firewood forever. What you cut in one year will be replaced by new growth in the forest. We have 33 acres so should be OK, we will see.

    Thanks for keeping an eye on us and enjoy your holiday.