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Wednesday 2 January 2013


We spotted a new member of the feather variety just outside our window the other day.

The south wall of our house is about 80% glass which gives us the feeling of living in the woods without dealing with the harsh elements this time of year. We've been enjoying an increasing variety of birds since we set up a few feeders.

Mary spotted the strange shape perched in the trees first. Can you see the owl? We believe it is a Barred Owl also called a Hoot Owl because of the sounds it makes.

These pictures are not the best of quality but were the best I could get with my 70 mm lens. 

He didn't seem to mind me taking pictures through the patio doors but once outside he decided I was too close and flew away.

Before leaving he did attempt to capture something under the snow but he came up empty. (Update: On second examination maybe there is a mouse in his talons, what do you think?)

We will be watching for his return as we think the open area around our house and the seeds we spread on the ground make an attractive hunting ground for him. 

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