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Sunday, 20 January 2013


The last thing the doctor said was"Don't put weight on the cast"

Not a problem. At that stage I couldn't put weight on either ankle, let alone thinking of weight on my broken ankle.

But a week later things are different. I'm fairly mobile, thanks to the "red" chair and I'm not in any pain.

Even though I've been avoiding using the leg in the cast, Mary noticed the bottom of the cast was becoming soft. I suspect just the occasional contact with our concrete floor as I move around breaks the plaster down.

I have another week to go and need some easy way to protect the cast but still allow me the freedom of movement I have come to enjoy.

What to do? Wrap a towel around the heal of the cast? Too awkward. Oh, how about Duct Tape? It's good for everything from aircraft repairs to splints, that should do, but I can't find my duct tape so ......................

lets try this.  Can you see what I've done?

I took one of my knee pads, strapped it to the bottom of the cast  and it seems to work just fine.

It stays in place, cushions the bottom of the cast, is light weight and still allows me my freedom. Perfect.

Now when I come down the hall, it's push, click, roll,  push, click, roll and my cast is staying protected.

That's what the old timers did, solved their own problems with what they had at hand. Oh, oh, don't say it, don't even think it.

I remember my uncle Gordon had a friend Anton who lived with his dog out in the country. One day Anton fell and dislocated his shoulder but didn't want to go to the hospital.  So uncle Gordon brought over some old horse harness and used it to strap up his shoulder and make it immobile. In a few weeks Anton was as good as new, back doing his chores and looking after himself. Neighbour looking after neighbour, just like it should be.

Thanks for stopping by and be nice to your neighbour. You might need some horse harness some day.


  1. Hi,
    Glad you are about. Good to know what is happening with. Please keep us in the loop while we are away.

  2. Did not re read what I wrote but I guess you got the message. A

  3. Hi Art and Mary,
    As well as being imaginative, you were fortunate to have something useful like that on hand! Way to go!!!