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Thursday 17 January 2013


I have three wonderful sisters. All are talented and gifted in different areas. Sharon is a retired nurse and our "go to person" when we have a medical question.

So having a broken ankle, I have lots of questions and have been sending her e-mails on an hourly bases.

One concern was bleeding.  As you can see in the picture below it is obvious I have some bleeding where the incision was made. Should I be concerned? Is this normal?

Sharon's advice was to go back to the hospital and have them take a look at it. Not possible. At this stage of healing, going outside is just impossible. 

So what to do?

Sharon suggested outlining the blood with "magic marker" then we could easily monitor the situation and see if the bleeding was continuing. A smart tip. No expansion of the blood spot, no more bleeding. So far we are watching but haven't seen any change.

Thanks Sharon, a great tip and an easy way to see any changes.

Progress is good. No pain since getting home, unless of course I put some weight on the ankle. Everything is looking good.

Thanks for stopping by, more tomorrow.

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