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Thursday 10 January 2013


Although the square footage of this house is larger than our last place we have no basement and fewer bedrooms. Where to put things, especially those we only use seasonally or a few times each year is a challenge.  Usually such items would go down the basement and disappear from sight. Without a basement we needed another option.

Our solution has been these wonderful steel shelving units that are on wheels.

 The casters are large, durable and lockable. They make moving and steering the unit so easy.

Each unit comes with 6 shelves 4 ft. long 18 inches wide. So for $99.00 you get 36 sq. ft. of incredibly strong, durable shelf space that is also mobile. Perfect!

Lots of space and the shelves are adjustable so you can even fit those odd sized items on the unit.

We plan to wheel them into this closet area and turn it into a mobile pantry. This rack of camping gear will move to the mechanical room once I clear some floor space. 

If you need shelves that are sturdy and easily moved from one location to another check these out at "Vancouver Classics" or pick them up at Costco.

Now back to the mechanical room to clear some floor space. Don't call me, I'm busy today.

Chat later

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