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Tuesday 15 January 2013


I must stay off my cast for two weeks, put no weight on it and keep it elevated. So what does one do when confined to bed for two weeks? 

This is where family and friends are so helpful. Your e-mails and calls actually speed up the healing process. Did you know that? Amazing but true. Our support systems (family and friends) give us encouragement, and a healthy perspective on life which in turn assists the healing.

I have been so encouraged by your e-mails, calls, prayers and words of encouragement. You make the stay in bed tolerable, not fun but tolerable. Don, I'm enjoying the movies you left.

I suspect my blog posts will be a little brief for a while. Can't take many pictures when lying in bed.

Thanks everyone for touching base. You are so greatly appreciated.


Some of you have been asking for a view of the injured ankle. The blood you see on the side of the cast is from the incision to insert the pin. The bleeding as stopped since this picture was taken.

Now movement is another issue with all this plaster stuck to my ankle. My right ankle although not broken is still sore and tender and refuses to allow me to put much weight on it. Right now I'm confined to bed but hope to be up and about in a few days.


  1. What ---- no pictures of the war wound?

  2. Check bottom right picture above.

  3. It's too small to see anything

  4. if you happen to be able to get any, take homeopathic arnica. when I broke my finger last year it sped healing and helped with pain. Thank goodness you got the wood moved! Maybe it's time to learn how to knit!!!

  5. Yes Art do try that Arnica.. comes in pills and cream another name is Traumeel... works!