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Wednesday, 23 January 2013


As we get more shelves up we get more boxes emptied and create more liveable space in the process. Today it seemed to be boxes of photos that dominated the day. Photos need to be displayed, not hidden in a box. 

Another item unearthed was this wooden ironing board Mary found by the side of the road many, many years ago. So do we throw it out? Maybe burn it??? Not sure, but for now it's a photo display table.

My sister Carol will probably have lots of suggestions when she comes later this week. Her focus seems to be: if you haven't touch it in two years .......................... pitch it! Easier said than done.

Seems to me whenever we pitch something ...........................  a month later I could use it. Why does that happen? 

Back to work, sorting, cleaning and yes ..... PITCHING!

Oh, one last favour.Here is a note from our daughter. If you would like to help just go to the site to see the outfit she made for her son Owen, then click (Like) bottom left of the picture. That's all.
Sherri's note:
Hey Guys,
Kind of a weird request,
Back in October I won a contest for the costume I had made for Owen. Well, now all the monthly winners are being voted and the over all winner gets a $500 gift certificate for Baby Bot, a very cool kids shop.
Could you click the link below and "like" my pic. 

Much appreciated and if you know to pass this on to anyone that would be cool too ;)

Thank you

Chat later.    -34*C or -29*F at 6 a.m. in Bancroft


  1. Love the ironing board --- it is a keeper.
    You 2 are always so creative!
    Now about my "reputation" .... pictures are a tough one. Today everything is on disc but I still like to surround myself with family pictures. Somehow they are then with you even when they can't be.

  2. Hi Vacation Seekers;

    Always good to read your comments. I agree. It's nice to surround yourself with pictures of family and friends. As you say, "Always there even when they can't be"
    Enjoy your holidays.