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Friday 25 January 2013


It amazes me how much we depend on electronic gadgets these days. A few years ago we were driving back from Myrtle Beach relying solely on our GPS for our route home. You know the drill, hit the "Home" button and the GPS figures out a route and away you go.

Now that was wonderful but we had no state maps, no maps of any kind we could use if the GPS had suddenly crashed. Not a good feeling when you are on roads and you don't even know what state you are in. Today we travel with the GPS but have a box of maps of all descriptions that also travels in the back seat........ just in case.

Have you heard of "GLYMPSE" This is a neat app for your smart-phone that lets someone of your choice know where you are by simply using their computer. 

Here is what their web site says:

Glympse™ is a groundbreaking new way to share your location with anyone for a specified period of time using patent-pending GlympseWatch™ timer.

Glympse is easier and faster than a phone call or text message, simply select a contact, set a duration, and hit send.


Anyone with an Internet-enabled phone or computer can receive a Glympse – no software or setup required. You can send a Glympse to a specific person, several people, or even to Facebook and Twitter.


Only Glympse puts you in control – you set who sees you and for how long. Safe for families, friends, colleagues, and one-time meetings.

It was really neat to watch the green arrow (Sherri's location) move across the map as time passed. We knew exactly where she was and when she would arrive. We also knew how fast she was driving. Oh, Oh! .................. just kidding. You can see their speed of travel but Sherri is a very conscientious, safe driver.

Check this app out. It really reduces the stress level for those wondering where you are and when to expect you.

Thanks Sherri, a great way to travel.

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