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Saturday, 16 February 2013


Today is the "Think Snow" winter carnival in Bancroft. I'll have a full report with pictures tomorrow. Lots of northern communities have winter carnivals so go on line and check out the web sites. They are a great way to enjoy the winter sunshine.

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  1. We just got home from our Frost Fest in Haliburton. We witnessed 30 brave souls doing the polar bear dip for charity. The town was PACKED !!! We had a dreadful time finding a parking spot. Great support for all the different activities and demonstrations going on. Just like you said there are so many things to do. Lisa is in Dorset for their winter festival and she had a chilly start walking in the parade. Now she's supervising minnow races !! Hope they had the turn out like Haliburton village had. I'll be checking Facebook for photos. YES, we are thoroughly enjoying the northern beauty from our windows. The scene this AM was outstanding. Of course we love our birds as you do. Anxious to hear about those toasty warm floors ! Be well !