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Friday 8 February 2013

Barred Owl

Carol and Don took me down to Peterborough Wednesday to get Mary at the bus station. It's a great deal to take the GO train and bus from Union station in Toronto to Peterborough for about $18.00; senior citizens $9.00. Now that's a deal. Travel in comfort, hassle free commute and at a bargain basement price.

Our first stop after getting Mary was Costco but no "Doug special" for us. Carol had fixed yummy egg salad sandwiches made from the best eggs in Bancroft. (right from the hens in our own backyard)

I'm still in my walking cast so opted to use one of those electric scooters available for us invalids. Naturally this was a "Kodak" moment for Don. Here I am with my sister Carol, who along with Don, were such a great support last week.

Soon we were back on the road, heading north to Bancroft. Lakefield must have celebrated winter last week because these beautiful ice-sculptures adorned the little park in the middle of the village.

I know some of my readers are enjoying life suffering in the hot south trying to find shade under a palm tree. We might not have the hot temperatures but we do have the palm trees..............

................. OK, frozen palm trees.

Once home we relaxed by the fire with a good book until Don startled all of us with ......... "get the camera" 

Just outside our window was this beautiful Barred owl.

This was the second time he/she had visited us looking for supper. Don was excited at seeing one so close and from the comfort of our home.

We love living here, in the bush, off grid in nature's paradise. We don't have palm trees but we do have the Canadian north at our doorstep.

Safe travels and thanks for stopping by.


  1. You have a very nice home. The wise owl must think so too!

  2. Amazing pic of the owl, how cool.

  3. Love all the pics and info as usual. The barred owl shots are exceptional. Isn't it wonderful having so much of interest right at your doorstep. Looking forward to your SNOW pictures soon. Finally we have some winter. Glad Mary made it home before the big dump. Some folks grumble about snow BUT we need it for winter tourism and to improve our lake and water levels. Keep warm and happy !

  4. Great photo of the Barred Owl! We had a Tui or two outside our kitchen window this morning having a conversation, but didn't get any photos. Loved the ice sculptures! Belated happy birthday to Mary! All the money, effort and time you have put into your house is really paying dividends to you already. Glad everyone is doing well and hope that the snow isn't too bad.

  5. Thanks everyone;

    So good of you to take the time to write. Much appreciated.