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Monday, 18 February 2013


It is truly wonderful to sit here and watch the creatures gather food for winter survival. We've hung bird feeders, put out deer food, a salt lick and hung suet on the trees. These pockets of food around our property have become hives of activity throughout the day as the birds, squirrels and deer come and go, some more frequently than others.

This little guy  decided to make it easy for himself. He obviously loves the sunflower seeds the birds drop from the feeders and fills his cheeks whenever he can.

Here he is busy stuffing himself before disappearing down his snow tunnel. Not sure how many each cheek will hold but I think he takes the same attitude many of us have when we go to one of those all you can eat buffets:  "Lets fill up cause it's all the same price." 

Can you see that little pile of raised snow in the background? That's home for this guy. It's a pile of rocks covered with plywood and lately with snow. Rather than run exposed across the snow to his favourite source of food, he very cleverly dug himself a secret tunnel right to the spot under the bird feeder. How creative was that? Now all he has to do is wake up, scurry down his tunnel and breakfast is ready. It's a very good life living up here in Bancroft,  for both us and the creatures living outside our door.

Thanks for stopping by and safe riding Sean and Casey.

1 comment:

  1. Your outdoor friend has obviously found a good restaurant.
    I can attest that the food served inside, is even better - but we won't tell him:-)

    Great photography!