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Thursday 14 February 2013

Radiant Floor Heating Day 2

The heart of the system is the Grundfos pump. We have 4 of these little pumps and you may wonder why so many when we are trying to minimize the draw on our batteries.

Each loop of our in floor heating system requires a separate pump so the water can be circulated as the thermostat demands. 

This is the pump we are using. If you click on the picture above to enlarge it you will see the electrical draw printed on the bottom left side of the silver plate. This is a 3 stage pump set manually . Stage one draws 0.55 amps, stage draws 0.66 amps and stage three draws 0.75 amps. It will pump 0 -17 g.p.m.

These are the pumps for each zone of the house. Even with all 4 pumps running 24 hours a day we would consume a little over 55 amps a day at stage one. Once our floors reach their set temperature points the pumps will only run as required.  Heating our house will be very cost efficient and have very little draw on our batteries. I will record our uses once the pumps are up and running and compare it with the data collected so far on our battery use. I let you know our findings in a couple of months.


  1. My feet are getting cold waiting for an update on your in floor heating:)

    Hope your toes are nice and toasty by now.


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