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Tuesday 26 February 2013


No blog yesterday, I was in Belleville to see my surgeon. He was pleased with the healing, had x-rays taken and checked my foot for range of motion. After he had me walk across the room he declared me fit and progressing well, no need to see him again. Once again I thank everyone who came to my aid and assisted in so many ways to help us through this with minimum disruption to our lives.

When the weather co-operates and we need a break from our work schedule we love to travel the back roads up here.

The old log buildings were originally built by the first settlers into the area. They cleared the forests and used the logs for their homes and barns as they tried to farm the pockets of soil found scattered here and there.

This building looks like it might have been a hotel at one time. The door at the front, on the second floor level, probably opened onto a porch running across the front. 

Travel then would have been by horse and buggy or train, much slower than today and necessitating many hotels along the route so people could get safely to the larger centres for needed supplies once or twice a year.

 It's fascinating to speculate on the use of the derelict buildings we see as we travel and wonder about the people who built them.

On an entirely different note I've always loved the time we've spent in the Yukon. Check out the events in Whitehorse last weekend.

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  1. Glad to hear your foot is getting better. Will you need physio? We have never been to the Yukon, but it looks like a beautiful place. However, we did have a Siberian Husky, that lived for 14 years.

  2. Loved the Yukon pics. Maybe we should visit in the winter?? ha ha --- actually didn't look that cold.
    So much information available it is hard to focus ......
    As your pictures demonstrated lots to see in Ontario too.
    So glad you keep posting

  3. Art and Mary.. Wishing you both a warm hello... no snow here.. loved the Yukon pics.. makes me want to go there now...

  4. Hi Annie and Marvin;

    You would love Alaska and the Yukon. Your kind of territory.


  5. Regarding your observation: "This building looks like it might have been a hotel at one time. The door at the front, on the second floor level, probably opened onto a porch running across the front. ", I was wondering if you had ever heard of a second story "snow door" in order to be able to exit the house or building when the snow completely covered the egress on the first level. In your picture, I don't see any evidence of a former porch or balcony and I have been researching "snow doors". Thanks, from a curious passerby (Nickey)

  6. Hi Nickey;

    Thanks for the observation. You could be very right in a "snow door" Folks up here are very resourceful and it would only take one winter of deep snow for them to come up with a solution.

    Thanks again for writing