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Tuesday 5 February 2013


Carol decided to try something different and made burritos for the first time. They were delicious. 

We've always enjoyed them when we travel south as they are the perfect camping food, easy to prepare and little mess when consumed.

Not sure of all the ingredients but I know she used ground meat, cheese, peppers, mushrooms, etc.

It's been a perfect day with the sun out for most of  it  and our batteries got fully charged as well. I've been surprised at how little we've had to run the generator to keep our batteries healthy.

Sherri is home! Yea!

It was good news to hear that the doctors felt she was strong enough to go home. She has a nasty tattoo behind her ear and it will be several months before she is back to her old self, but everyone is so happy to see her up and about, no one more than Owen.

It's a good thing she has long hair.

Not sure what the next few days will bring but we will try and keep you informed.

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  1. Art and Mary... Hurrah.. so glad to hear that Sherri is home. Send her our best wishes... Prayers and love to all.

  2. Hello folks. So glad to hear that Sherri is home. That "tatoo" as you call it will heal before you know it. A necessary evil in the whole process no doubt. Please extend our best wishes to Sherri and her family. Also a very special happy birthday to Mary. I hope she has a good day. We will have to celebrate later !!! Those burritos look absolutely yummy. We make them here as well and I use crepes as our shell. So glad you are being looked after so well Art and I know Mary is doing the same for Sherri and her family. All the best ! Pat and Jeff

  3. it's like when she was a teen and got an undercut hair style! Owen will love that scar. I loved looking at my moms knee scars.

  4. Happy Birthday Mary and many more... best always

  5. Good to hear that Sherri is home and well on the road to recovery. It appears that things will get back to normal for you all in the not too distant future, but with a much greater appreciation for everyone and everything.

  6. Thanks everyone;

    It's good to have Sherri home.

    Yes, Alberta, a greater appreciation for everyone and everything.

    Sleep well tonight Sherri

    Mpm and Dad

  7. Its great to be home, thank you all for your kind words, well wishes and love. It is quite difficult to come out of the hospital worse than going in but it will get better. Reading and typing are quite a challenge so this will be short. A Very Big Thank You to Everyone.
    Lots of Love