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Saturday, 2 February 2013


Mary and Rob take turns visiting Sherri or looking after Owen. Everyone is thankful to see Sherri's improvement. Here is what Mary wrote today.

"Sherri was much better again this morning. Leanne made her a smoothie and Sher gobbled or rather slurped it up. Great to see. She is concerned about how she will manage once home. I told her to take it a day at a time and that we would not leave her stranded. She said she was so nieve and thought she would be sailing through this. Healing takes time. Leanne and I had her doing her lip exercises this morning. Sher wanted to know if it was for our entertainment or her benefit. "

Carol and Don continue to look after me superbly. It's like staying at a resort having them around. If I was at the Hilton I wouldn't receive better care.

Both Pauls dropped by today. One to say hi, one to borrow my blowtorch. It's great to see the neighbours regardless of the reasons.

Happy Birthday Rob! Sorry I can't be there for the cake.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. make sure Sherri knows she's got lots of family willing to help out once Rob is back at work!!