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Thursday 7 February 2013


Shorter shadows mean longer days. We have been watching the shadows grow shorter with each passing day. 

As we move from the winter solstice to the summer solstice the sun gets higher in the sky. Our overhang above the south facing windows is 5 feet. This overhang acts like a giant window blind and keeps the summer sun from entering the house. This keeps our house much cooler and enables us to enjoy the hot summers here without the use of an air-conditioner.

In December the sun's rays penetrated to the back wall of the room. On a sunny day in the middle of winter the sun is sufficient to keep our house warm. No other source of heat is needed until the sun goes down.

 By April the rays will just be along the edge of the windowsill.  In September the rays will once again begin to creep back into the room as the sun's elevation changes.

The sun not only heats our house but it also energizes our batteries so we can live very comfortably off the electrical grid.

I just watched a video today on the future of road constructions. With today's technologies it is possible to build a road capable of supporting large highway trucks and have the ability to use solar power to provide homes with the electricity they need.

Check out the video at: Highways for tomorrow

These are exciting times to be living in.

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  1. Hello Art and Mary
    You are so blessed to have relatives who pitch in and help so willingly. Wow ! Did Mary make it home ? Did she have some yummy birthday cake? I don't know how Carol does all that work and cooking as well.
    Your postings are so informative. I am sure your experience with the passive solar technology makes you an experienced expert !! How wise you were to persue this solar power. I know the initial set up was costly but it will reap rewards before you know it !
    I had a GREAT birthday and hope Mary did as well.
    We'll have a private celebration soon.