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Sunday 17 February 2013


Yesterday was the Bancroft Winter Festival called - THINK SNOW. I had been looking forward to it since the last one we attended in 2009 which was such a delight.

I checked the internet for the schedule of events and locations and found very little information. The dog sled races were scheduled for 10 am in L'Amble and the street hockey went from 9 - 10 in downtown Bancroft.

OK, out the door and down the driveway before 8:30 so I could catch the road hockey at 9 and still have time to get over to L'Amble to see the dog sled races start at 10.

Yes I know, our driveway needs to be plowed and I did get it done in the afternoon.

Hastings street was closed to traffic and kids of all ages were having a blast playing road hockey right in front of all the stores. I remember when kids played road hockey all winter long and maybe summer too. You would have to honk your horn to get them to move the net aside as you drove by. Today, I don't see many kids outside playing anything let alone on the road. Just think of all the hours you spent outside as a kid. Great times, lots of fun and you didn't go home until the street lights came on. Oh, the freedom!

A few pictures then on to L'Amble for the dog sled races.

The dogs were there but not ready for racing yet. 

It looked like it would be another hour before racing might start so ..........

.............. time to go back home and have a late breakfast.

Back in town I visited the vintage snowmobile display. Lots of great memories riding these machines back in the early 70s at Jack and Annabelle's place. We could ride from the back door out through town to the miles of trails back in the bush. It was always a great weekend whenever we could get up for a ride.

Do you recognize any of these machines? These were the top of the line machines back in the 60s and 70s. Look a little antiquated compared to today's machines.

I never did get to see the dog sled races. There were few teams and few spectators and no signs directing the public where the viewing platform was. Matter of fact there were few signs for any of the events. The signs I did see were hand drawn on bristol-board much like you would see advertising a kid's "cool-aid" stand on a hot summer day. Maybe that was the problem. No budget, very little promotion, very small crowds.

Over in Haliburton their winter festival was so popular it was difficult to find a parking spot downtown. 

Guess next year we will go see the show in Haliburton.

Safe travels everyone.

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