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Thursday, 28 February 2013


Our view at 7 am.

When the snow stopped I thought the storm had passed. Woke up this morning ................. more snow. Another day in the bobcat.

Getting ready to start plowing. My view from the cab.

My post below was written last night before going to bed.

Yesterday was a stay close to the house day. It snowed for 12 hours and we were kept busy clearing the driveway and parking area. 

Paul was a big help with his ATV. It has a plow and he can maneuver close to the buildings without hitting anything. I used the bobcat to lift and pile the snow out of the way. Together we kept ahead of the storm and by suppertime everything was clean and free of snow.

We were expecting a delivery from Renfrew today but they called and said it would be delayed a day. No problem, just as long as we get the new furniture by the weekend.

Peter called last night. He is sick so won't be here today, maybe tomorrow. Lots of folks are fighting the flu up here.

Guess it will be another quiet day for me........ feed the chickens, read a book, shovel the front walk, oh, and wash the dishes. Mary is coming home today.

Safe travels everyone and thanks for stopping by.

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