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Monday 11 February 2013


In yesterday's header there were a number of pictures taken as we drove through Bancroft.

Regardless of the season I always enjoy seeing this boat house on Bay Lake. It's a reminder of a different era.

Now this is the way to go out for lunch. Once the snow arrives up here you can always see snowmobiles parked on their lawn. Food must be good.

Dover has its white cliffs, we have granite. All along Hastings street is the ridge of granite that often finds climbers scrambling over its icy face.

Up here this is a regular sight. With all the snowmobile trails in the area the machines do need gas and they are allowed to drive in town to fuel up. Can you see the machine at the pumps?

No rush hour traffic up here. This is a typical scene as we drive into town.

Another beautiful day here in Bancroft. After the storm it looks like Narnia.

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