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Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Our wood stove has been doing an excellent job of keeping us warm this winter. We have been delighted with its performance as well as the design of the house. On sunny days we don't even use the stove, just enjoy the passive solar energy that this house captures.

Our construction called for radiant floor heating and although we are happy to cut wood and monitor the wood stove this process may not always be suitable as we age. So before we poured the concrete floor we had miles of tubing installed in preparation for warm floors at a later date. 

I guess the "later date" came sooner than expected. Who doesn't like warm floors especially bathroom warm floors after you have stepped out of the shower.

Today we started putting the pieces together.

First all the copper connections and elbows were laid out on the floor. These were then cut, sanded and soldered together. 

Can you guess what this copper box is for? Right; it mixes the hot water from our domestic tank with the cold water in the radiant floor tubes. The actual waters don't mix with each other just the heat from the hot is transferred to the cold water to elevate its temperature.

Tomorrow we do the assembly work and attach the pieces to the wall, then pressure test everything to ensure there are no leaks.

Keep an eye on us and watch for squirting water. We won't be happy if that happens.

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