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Saturday 5 April 2014


Mary boiled sap inside yesterday as it was a yukky day working outside in the rain. Peter came and we cut and fitted the windowsills for the bedrooms.

I first cleaned out as much of the wooden shims as I could. We've had water issues with our windows since day one. The shims extend right out to the exterior window cladding. They act as a conduit when the weather is very cold and frost can be seen on them during the winter. We've actually had puddles of water sitting on the windowsills.

Peter measured and cut the wood for each window. We will just friction fit them for now as I want to be sure we've solved the water problems before we install them permanently.

Today we will collect more sap. Yesterday's batch was slightly darker than Monday's but that is typical of maple syrup. They say the maple syrup here has a high mineral content because of the high mineral content in the soil. If that's the case then our syrup will be even healthier as our bodies need a variety of minerals to function properly.

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels everyone.

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