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Wednesday, 30 April 2014


Like most two year olds, Owen likes to be active. There is an excellent little park nearby we often visit so Owen can run and climb to his heart's content.

Playground equipment has changed considerably since I was a kid. Gone are those iron braced swings that if you weren't watching closely would leave a nasty gash on your head.

That black stuff under the ramp isn't asphalt but a compound made from shredded rubber that acts like a cushion if one should fall. 

Each piece of equipment is designed to stay cool and support the child in a safe manner. Do you remember those steep steel slides that were 120 degrees on a hot summer day and you would shoot off the end another 30 feet beyond the slide.

Now the child stops at the end and can safely step off the slide.

Back home Owen had to drive his firetruck up and down the driveway. He's discovered the fun of coasting down the driveway, his feet up and wind blowing through his hair.

The best place to fall asleep after a busy day. Thanks Oma.

Today we head for home after having a great few days with Owen and Sherri.

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