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Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Maple syrup is over, the days are getting longer and the sun tracks higher in the sky these days.

We added a freezer and two small electric water heaters to our system this year and these are placing a greater demand on our off grid system.

Fortunately we can easily adjust the tilt of our panels thus gaining about 20% improvement in our solar gain for the day. On the left is the winter position of our panels to track the sun much lower on the horizon; on the right the summer position.

Sean made the adjustments when he was here last weekend. It is a simple task of removing one bolt, pulling the panels into their new position and replacing the bolt into the new hole.

Our panels in the summer position as seen from the chicken coop.

Thanks for your help Sean. Hope you can be here when we go back to the winter position in November.

So that's it folks, repositioned and ready for summer. 

This morning the sun is shining so it will be an outdoor work day up here.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the sunshine.

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