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Tuesday, 29 April 2014


When Leanne was a little girl she got a cloth book made by her Oma. She still has the book and it holds many cherished memories. Owen's Oma (Mary) decided to do the same for him on his second birthday.

First thing this morning Owen wanted Oma to read to him.

Mary crafted the book from left over fabric and each page covers an activity Owen enjoys when he visits Oma.

Oma's pond is a great place to explore and find bugs. This is the pond page in the book. Each page covers two or three letters of the alphabet. P- pond, Q -  Queen Bees, R- rock and Reeds

Owen loves to sit in the "bobcat" with Oma and make the bucket go up and down. On the "bobcat" page, Owen can make the bobcat move and lift the dirt.

Oma is so very talented and loves Owen more than this book can show. 

Hope you had an Oma like Owen's.


  1. Mary you are remarkable and so talented. I love the book you made for Owen. I know he does!

  2. Thanks Rhonda. I had a lot of fun planning it out and then making it. Hope Owen will enjoy it for a few years.

  3. OH Mary what a treasure you made for Owen. You are truly amazing. Birthdays are so special when folks like you are involved. Yesterday was Lisa's birthday and she was thrilled with the book I gave her, thanks to your recommendation. I know she and Matt will make wonderful use of the ideas esp.the fermentation !!! Just had to comment on the treasured book YOU are amazing !!!