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Friday 25 April 2014


At the end of the day I was exhausted. Gerry was here for breakfast at 8 as he needed to sample our maple syrup since he was the one who assisted us through this first experience. He was impressed with the taste and clarity of our maple syrup so we passed with high marks.

After breakfast it was outside to clear and thin more bush. Mary wants more sunlight on her gardens which means fewer trees to create shade.

We have several piles like this waiting to be hauled to the splitter and then stacked to dry. We have enough wood cut for the next four years. With the rising costs of all utilities having a supply of wood may be a good thing.

While we worked we had an audience. The girls were kept inside for their own protection but they could see the trees coming down and chatted back and forth as we worked.

Any idea what this is? ......................... 

 frozen sap on a birch stump. It was -3*C when we started cutting trees yesterday.

Today Matthew will be here at 9 to haul more wood out of the bush. It's a job he will be doing for several weeks.

I think I'll find a comfortable chair and enjoy his work from our porch.

Enjoying life in the bush even if it is exhausting.

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