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Sunday, 27 April 2014


The volunteer fire  department in Dungannon has a fund raiser this time every year called "Got Mud" It's an all day ATV ride through the bush with a mud pit as an option.

Just a few of the 400 machines after the ride.

Lunch was served at a hunting camp way back in the bush then they rode down to the fire station at Dungannon for supper.

This is Elmer who did an excellent job of barbecuing the beef and baked potatoes. He and his twin brother Ed started the station back in 1980. They went door to door in the township asking for each owner to donate $50.00. With that they bought a used badly damaged fire truck, fixed it up and were in business. I was quite impressed with the equipment they now have. By the way, their first fire truck cost them $1,000.00 and they sold it years later for $5,000.00 

Just a few of the many volunteers who made the day such a success with one rider going home on a new ATV.

Mary and our friend John made sure everyone had coffee and water. The riders came in very thirsty and most went to the fruit punch as their drink of choice.

The guys moved the fire trucks outside and made the station into one huge banquet hall. During the meal the organizers tossed out free T-shirts. (Click on the picture for a better view)

By 8 pm we had everything cleaned up and we were on our way home.

Always something special going on up here in Hasting Highlands. 

Hope to see you at the banquet next year.

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