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Monday, 21 April 2014


We are privileged to be able to enjoy a variety of wildlife living just beyond our windows. This is mating season and every species seems to be heeding the natural instinct to get together, find shelter and build a nest. 

The ice isn't off the pond yet but the ducks have arrived and are busy inspecting the shoreline for suitable habitat.

Yesterday we had a pair of Canada geese, three pairs of hooded mergansers and a pair of mallards all searching for a spot to call home. This was coupled with much preening, ducking, rolling, tipping, following and flapping of wings.

Unfortunately we observe all this through binoculars and my camera lens just isn't strong enough to give you a close-up view.

It would be a real treat to see a line of goslings swimming across our pond later this summer. We will be watching.

Spring has finally arrived.


  1. What a wonderful collection of photos and comments over last few days. Mary your drywalling skills are something. All the wonderful Maple Syrup speaks of LOTS of work but what a wonderful Canadian treat. You are both so in tutned with nature. Love the shots of all the water fowl . We are similarly observing the same activity at the lake. Still lots of ice and snow BUT spring is in the air. Can't believe Owen is now 2. Of course I should as Neil turns 4 today and Mason is one on Friday. Where does the time go ??? My brother and Mother arrive today for the week. Will be great to see them and have assistance from my brother. He is a great help. All the best to you both. Enjoy this wonderful spring weather.

  2. Hi Pat;

    Thanks for the kind words. We love living here so close to nature. Enjoy your company and the lake. We will get together soon.