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Sunday, 13 April 2014


Saturday was an extremely busy day here. We were in town just after 7 am as we had been asked to help with the Gideon's breakfast being held at the Legion in town. 

Since this was our first time helping and Bancroft isn't very big I was expecting maybe 50 people. Was I mistaken, 280 folks paid to have breakfast and help the Gideon's with the work world wide.

It was a buffet style breakfast and there was plenty of delicious food for everyone. In Bancroft the food is always delicious.

We helped get things ready in the kitchen. My favourite job ........

cutting cinnamon buns. These were just like the ones my mom made and just as tasty. I did miss the maraschino cherries.

It was a great morning and we were home by 12. We spent the rest of the day boiling sap and finally bottle at 8 pm. A full day.

It is dull and overcast this morning. Looks like more rain. The sap has stopped flowing as the temperatures are too warm at night. Maple syrup production may resume later in the week or it may be over. Not sure.

Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by.

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