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Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Monday Peter and I were able to get the screens attached to the porch. We are very pleased with the final results and we look forward to having breakfast on the deck without bugs this summer. 

Here I am installing the inserts between the panels on the doors. This fills the groove and gives the door a finished look.

Before we attached the screens Peter needed to add some trim pieces to the porch so the screens would fit tightly against the posts. We took great pains to make sure no gaps were left for the little flying pests to find a way to squeeze in and attack while I sleep in the hammock. I'm ready for a summer on the deck.

All the screens are secure and Peter is re-attaching the downspout.

We even managed to get one of the doors hung but we were not happy with the hinges and so will look elsewhere for more robust hinges.

Not sure if Peter will be here today as he has company and may take the day to show them the highlights of Bancroft.

To our friends and relatives in the USA, our prayers and thoughts are with you this morning as we watch the tragic news from Boston unfold. Let's hope the culprits are soon identified and brought to trial.

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