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Thursday 25 April 2013


Can you tell I like chocolate?  I think I would gladly eat 5 helpings of chocolate for every one healthy bowl of salad. Unfortunately at this stage of the game I need to reverse my habit.

So we have been trying to eat more vegetables, salads and home made soups. Mary is an excellent cook and everything she makes is delicious. We try to avoid "store bought" soups as much as possible because of the high salt content.

This is a typical salad, lots of greens, home grown sprouts and topped with chicken chunks, just simply delicious with orange flavoured dressing.

I am aloud 1 ounce of chocolate a day which is 5 of the little paper holders above. Mary makes these and they melt in your mouth.

So far everything is fine. I'm loosing weight, still eating until I'm full and still enjoying my chocolate fix every day.

We will see what happens after a month.

Another quiet day in cottage country. Yesterday the propane truck made a delivery 1, 334 litres worth of propane. Our last delivery was back in October and we were down to the last 5% of the tank so were glad to see the truck arrive. Like to guess what that cost?

Today, Mary will be working on her quilt, I have some errands in town and for most of the day I'll try and give my ankle a rest.

Safe travels everyone and thanks for stopping by.

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