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Wednesday 10 April 2013


Another very productive day yesterday. It actually warmed up to 13*C (55*F) and was a great day for working outside. 

Mary and I had eye appointments in town so Peter was on his own for most of the day. 

When we got home after 1, Peter had most of the railing just about finished. It's looking so good.

Here Peter attaches the last railing and then we started assembling the screens.

This is our stack of frame material we cut and grooved yesterday. These were ripped from a 2x6 pieces of cedar and then we ran them through the table-saw to make the groove for the screen.

Each corner was braced, making the screens just a little stronger.

While we worked on the deck, Owen took Mary and Sherri for a walk. They wanted him in the wagon but first he had to walk and see the chickens.

Today we plan to finish the screens and maybe start on the doors. 

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  1. Looking good.
    Like they said on the "A-Team" show (now Art's team) - "I love when a plan comes together"


  2. Thanks Don;

    Very happy with the results and progress. Hope to get the doors built tomorrow.