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Sunday, 21 April 2013


Yesterday we gathered to celebrate Owen's first birthday. It was wonderful to see everyone, chat with some we hadn't seen in years and eat some yummy food. Thanks to everyone who made this possible.  It was very special for me.

Here are a few pictures.

My sisters and brother-in-law talking with Sean.

We all enjoyed the sandwiches, fruit and drinks....

............ especially the birthday cake made by Sean.

Good food, good company and time to chat.

Leanne even organized a play corner for the little ones. Looks like more adults than children enjoying the playdough.

Sherri and Murissa chatting.

Finally the children found the playdough.

Sean and Uncle Don chatting.

Looks like time for dessert.

Owen's not sure about this candle and cake, but we sure enjoyed it.

Too soon it was time to say goodbye. What a fun time we had celebrating Owen's first birthday.

Time to clean up and head for home but first 

............... more food.  I don't see my sisters as often as I would like so we decided before we all went our different directions we would find a restaurant and enjoy supper together.

This time we tried to eat only healthy choices. 

Thanks everyone, it was one of those days we will keep in the memory bank forever.


  1. Thank you for coming down...I had a great time meeting everyone and eating more cake!

  2. It was great to see everyone, what a wonderful excuse to get together. Great pics, thank you.