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Sunday 7 April 2013


Mary bought one of those robotic vacuum cleaners a few months ago. She is delighted with it, calls it "Molly Maid". Turn it on, go off to town, return, the floor is clean, every woman's dream.

Unfortunately a few weeks ago it stopped picking up the dirt, ran all over the floor, left everything behind.

Oh, oh, Molly is sick and Mary isn't happy.

First a call to the company and a chat with a technician. He explained the problem and said they would send a replacement part. No hassle, no charge, just great customer service. Why can't all manufactures be like that?

The repair was very easy, take out four screws, lift out the damaged component...........

insert the new unit and "Molly Maid" is good to go.

Today Molly is back at work, up and down the hall, picking up every dust bunny and speck of dirt we've tracked in. Needless to say Mary is a "Happy Camper" now that house cleaning is automatically looked after. She highly recommends the product.

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels everyone.

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  1. TRUST Mary to find a great tool like your Molly Maid..... It must be a delight for her. We need to hear more about Owen. It looks like he is walking or just about to do so. Love to see photos of him and all he is up to. I am sure he is having the time of his life while at your place. It must be nice for Sherrie to have a well deserved rest and an opportunity to see you enjoying your grandson.