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Tuesday 23 April 2013


We are approaching the last list of outside items in our house construction. One thing we plan to do this week is build two landings off the back deck for easier access to the ground below. Yesterday we started the landing on the east side and today we should finish the ramp. I decided on a ramp as opposed to steps as a way to make it easier to bring in firewood when needed.

First we removed the steps and cleared the area ready for construction. It was a perfect day for working outside, warm, sunny and no bugs.

Once we decided where the corner posts would be located, Peter cleared and levelled a spot for each footing.

The frame for the landing was quickly completed 

......checked for level ................

....... then the decking added. Peter is great to work with, always very particular, happy and precise.

Today we will finish the decking and railing on the ramp then start the landing on the south side.

Safe travels everyone. Watch out for the other guy, he hit my sister's car 3 times.

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