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Monday, 22 April 2013


We are high and dry but several businesses in Bancroft found the York River flowing through their property this weekend. This has been the scene all over cottage country and those that have lived here all their lives say it's the worst they can remember.

As the ice melts off the lakes, the rivers rise and the flow is turbulent. Last week we had over 50 mm of rain which because of the frozen ground was added to the run-off.

 The York River just below the dam in Bancroft. The water is in full flight, roaring past this spot churning and bubbling like an ocean storm.

This is the old mill that has been converted into apartments. Looks like water is running right through the basement. The police cordoned off the building and had the occupants removed for their own safety.

Click on the photo above to see the York River overflowing its banks.

Downtown the water has breached the bank and is flooding the buildings alone the river's edge.

Out by Tim Horton's, Bancroft Rental is underwater.

Cables and straps are used to keep these propane tanks from floating  down the river.

Sandbags and sand are  keeping the water out.

All along the business section owners have used sandbags.

Today Peter will be here and we will start work on the deck landings. Watch for those pictures tomorrow.

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