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Saturday 20 April 2013


Yesterday we worked on the front porch. I wasn't happy with the PT post that were in place and when I found 6x6 cedar posts I was glad to be able to replace the PT posts.

I didn't take many pictures as I was busy helping Peter.

Before installing the cedar posts,  Peter measured the PT post and then we cut, trimmed and bevelled the cedar post to size.

Once in place, each post was secured top and bottom.

The posts look great. Next week we will build the two landings on the back deck and install the clothesline. 

Of course while we have been working this week it has been raining. Highway 62 north of Bancroft is closed because of a large sink hole and the banks of many rivers are flooding.

This is our road just past our property. Fortunately this section of the road only leads to summer cottages and hopefully the road will be repaired before the crowd wants access.

Safe travels everyone.

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