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Tuesday, 2 April 2013


We don't frequent Tim Horton's, seldom go into any fast food places, but home made goodies are a major weakness of mine. So whenever we visit family and friends the commitment to healthy heating takes a hit, sometimes a major hit.

At our Easter family gathering the desserts were fabulous and although I tried, my resistance was low and calorie intake high; my rational being, it's just one meal.

Now, how would you react when someone slides a platter like this under your nose? Be honest ................... yes, I did too.

Ben's mom is a fabulous cook, makes delicious pies and mouth watering donuts. When we visited a few days ago these delicious donuts were hot out of the oven. The aroma still lingered in the kitchen and we put a sizeable dint in this platter. 

Home-made donuts. They are impossible to resist. Thanks Margaret for sharing.

Safe travels everyone. Don't rush home, it's cold today, -10*C as I type.

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  1. good to see pictures again!
    Thanks to the succesfull repair.