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Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Yesterday, Peter worked late to get our deck, landings and rails finished. At three o'clock he had finished the ramp and the first landing, put up Mary's clothesline and I thought he would call it a day. Not Peter. Since today the forecast calls for rain and Peter won't be available Thursday and Friday he forged  ahead and worked until 7. We are delighted to have the project completed and with how well it all looks and enhances the house and use of the outdoors.

Installing the railing on the ramp.

Next we installed Mary's clothesline, way up in the trees to catch the breeze. This location should dry the clothes in 10 minutes, lots of sun, lots of wind.

Can you see the chips flying? Peter routered all the edges to make them just a little smoother.

He even built a shelf for the laundry basket.

About three, Peter decided he still had time and energy to build landing number two.

Almost done.

East side

South side, all done. Thanks Peter, another quality job by "5 Star Innovations".

Today will be another tense day in cottage country. Our rivers and lakes are at their maximum and more rain is expected today. Many communities will be watching the dams very closely.

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