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Friday, 12 April 2013


Yesterday's plan was to finish the screens and get started on the construction of the screen doors.  These are custom built screen doors, made from 1" 1/4 cedar with a northern motif in the bottom panel. By the end of the day we were delighted with our design and the results of our labours. 

First Peter laid out the frame to see if we liked the proportions.

Next the bottom plate was grooved to accommodate the decorated panels.

Panels were glued in place.

Then the frame was glued and secured with 6" screws.

Moving outside, Peter routed out the inner edges to give it a finished look before we installed the screens.

Finally about 5 pm we had our first door finished. The other doors are waiting for their screens and we will do them this morning.  Now we just need to apply hinges and see how they hang. 

While we worked, Owen danced to the music supplied by the little frog Lee gave him. Owen is such a cute dancer.

Today we plan to get everything installed if the weather co-operates. Freezing rain and snow are in the forecast so not sure how much will get accomplished.

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels everyone.

Up-Date 10:30 a.m.

This is our view this morning. 

Hopefully this is our last winter storm for this year.


  1. Hopefully this will be the LAST of the winter. Next we can complain about the BUGS !! But you folks will be so lucky to have this gorgeous screened in area. Just love the pine tree motif. I am assuming they can be purchased and you did not cut them out of the cedar !!! They are gorgeous and so appropriate. I can hardly wait to be sitting on your porch and watching you relax !!!

  2. Hi Pat;

    Good to hear from you. Everything for the door construction was made on site. This was not a kit and we found it very easy to build the doors. The big test will be when the bugs show up and can't get in.

    Let's hope next week brings sunshine, warm temperatures and melting snow.

    Thanks for keeping an eye on us.